BitePRO Clothing Aims to Reduce Control and Restraint in Mental Health Care

BitePRO Version 4 Bite Resistant Armguards worn by a nurse

According to protective clothing manufacturer, BitePRO, specifically designed protective clothing for health care professionals, as well as patients and service users, will help reduce the use of force within mental health care.

Well documented incidents related to the use of force, control, and restraint by those in a position of care have recently made global headlines. Including instances of excessive force within care, special needs, and mental health units.

BitePRO offers protective clothing to assist in reducing instances of restraint and force when undergoing manual handling of individuals exhibiting behaviours that challenge.

BitePRO also wishes to support the promotion of a human rights-based approach to the use of force, giving front line professionals tools to help them to work closely with patients and develop therapeutic environments which ensure that force is used as a last resort.

Following customer feedback, the potential of discreet protective clothing for staff as an essential step toward reaching this goal has been recognised and the demand for protective clothing in mental health care was established.

This demand was found after an international customer survey where the clothing manufacturer highlighted that 92% of participants found that their staff felt more confident de-escalating upon wearing the company’s protective garments.

Senior Product Consultant Rachel Riding says: “To allow staff to feel safer de-escalating, reducing the need for the use of force and restraint, they should be given access to personal protection as a matter of priority.”

She continues: “We hope that they will be able to confidently diffuse a situation where they, or the patient, are at risk of injury and trauma before reaching crisis point.”

BitePRO has already supplied a considerable amount of grab bags, containing the most popular garment models, to hospitals, special education, and mental health units globally.

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